SF Mission Prep 500 hele bonen


Get ready!

Your senses sharpen already when the first scent of this Mission Prep SF Coffee hits your nostrils. Brew it with care, drink it with dedication and enjoy the powerful flavors entering your brain. You are getting ready for your mission today!



Preparing your mission demands focus and a razor sharp mind. Every team member goes into isolation to analyze the mission and come up with possible scenario’s for mission success. The team gathers, all inputs are discussed and decisions are made. Time to start rehearsal and packing. LFG!

Our special blend for the SF Mission Prep coffee gives that extra caffeine you want to boost your brain and body. Get ready for whatever tasks lays in front of you and go all in. This blend is made of tasty beans from Brasil and feisty beans from Uganda. A blend for the true operator, ready to engage.


  • Dark roast blend (Arabica & Robusta)
  • Peru, Ethiopia and Uganda
  • 500 gram